Affiliate Disclaimer

Affiliate Linking Programs
There are occasions when we will endorse a product, and in doing so, we will include a link to the website of the company in the form of what is known as an affiliate or referral link.

If you do wind up buying a product that you discovered through our link, the seller will pay us a commission as a way of saying “thank you” for referring them business.

There are instances when the commission is only a few dollars, and there are other occasions when it is a little bit more.

If you join up for a service that requires a monthly subscription, we may be eligible to receive a portion of the monthly charge in the form of a commission, which can either be a one-time payment or a recurring payment.

But here’s the essential thing: that referral won’t set you back a single penny in additional expenses.

The full amount of the commission is paid out of the vendor’s own funds rather than yours.

It should go without saying that we will never promote a product only due to the fact that it earns us a commission; after all, that would be unethical, right?

Therefore, we won’t endorse any things until we’ve tried them ourselves or they come highly recommended by somebody we respect and admire. (After all, if we only recommended items that we are now use ourselves, we would be doing you a disservice, because there are tools that are a wonderful fit while you’re starting out, but not when your blog is bigger like ours.

Does that make sense?)

After the link, we will append the notation “affiliate link” so that it is clear to you when we are making use of a referral link.

Because we mostly shop and sell on Amazon and Clickbank, you can rest assured that we will only ever propose high-quality items from reputable brands.